Different People Are Different (Food News)

One of my ongoing frustrations with many (all) diets and most food news relating to health issues is the prevailing attitude that there is an answer. I… don’t really believe this. Recently, apparently, there’s been a study that actually backs up this belief. You can read all about it in this Washington Post article. (Very short summary: different people respond differently to the same foods, so diets are best when individually tailored.) I really hope to see more of this sort of research in the future.

(I’d also love to see more research relating to the other factors in our lives which lead to different health outcomes – stress, happiness, environment, sleep, etc. – in combination with food studies. We’re complicated beings, after all.)

Good News for Sidewalk Snackers

My family doesn’t tend to eat as much fruit and greens by the side of the road here in New England as we used to when we lived in Berkeley (blackberries and sour grass everywhere), and I haven’t yet managed to join a local forage and can society*, but I was still glad to read this piece from Civil Eats saying that urban foraged food is, basically, fine in terms of contaminants and may even have more micronutrients than some produce found in a store. Maybe next spring (and summer and fall) I’ll forage a bit more.

*This exists! Which is awesome. We also, apparently, have foraging tours by David Craft, who wrote URBAN FORAGING – Finding and eating wild plants in the city, though no more events in 2015.