Adventures in Gardening, Habanero Salt

a handful of habaneros pepper

I’m a pretty lazy gardener. I plant things that sound good, and then I hope (and do a little weeding and pruning, but often not much). The next year, I try to remember what worked and plant those things again. One of the plants that consistently thrives in my front yard beds, is Habanero Pepper. (Also Jalapeños and Serranos. Not any kind of sweet peppers though, those always struggle. Poor sweet peppers.) For the third year in a row, I’ve had a great crop of Habaneros, the last of which are still waiting to be dried or otherwise saved to bring heat to our cold winter.

For the last three years, I’ve used some of the Habaneros to make fresh Habanero Salt.

  • one small handful (8 to 12) habaneros
  • 1/2 cup coarse sea salt
  • 8 0z (or more) “finishing” flaky sea salt, usually Maldon
  • gloves, food processor, spatula, glass quart container

Stem the Habaneros and pulse them with the 1/2 cup coarse salt in the food processor until finely minced. You probably want to be wearing gloves. Also, don’t inhale too deeply. Scrape the minced pepper and salt into a glass quart container. Add remaining finishing salt, then (securely) put on the lid and shake until combined.

Shake periodically over the next few days. If liquid collects at the bottom of the container, add more finishing salt. The salt is done when you know longer see liquid collecting at the bottom of the container.

Divide into smaller containers (you might want gloves again) and share with your spice loving friends.

Put Habanero salt on anything you might add a fruity hot sauce to. Sprinkle on boring salads. Add to brownies if you’re feeling crazy. Enjoy!