A Life Should Have Secret Plans*

Surprise! I started a food blog.

I decided a few weeks ago, since I’m currently between paying gigs and November was approaching, that I should do something akin to NaNoWriMo. I even pondered doing the traditional challenge and pounding out a novel. Truth is, however, that all my novel ideas thus far haven’t because actual novels for a reason (or maybe multiple reasons). My spouse suggested a poem a day, but, while I actually do write poetry at times, a poem a day seemed a challenge that I was sure to fail at. Poetry is fickle, at least for me. I finalized my November goal as “Publish something every day in November. Twitter doesn’t count.” Then, I didn’t tell anyone, at least not at first. I wanted to have started the¬†project before I announced it.

So here we are. My goal is one post per day in November, weekly posts thereafter. Anything related to food is fair game. If you’re reading this (and now someone might be, because I’ve started to admit this blog exists), please let me know what topics might interest you! Let’s see where this goes.

*Title stolen, with love, from A Softer World