Traditions – the Annual Expedition to Zingerman’s

“Hey! Do you want to go to the food store with me?”

“The one with vinegars?! I remember that place! Can we also taste salumi?” – Kid the Elder*

“No!” – Kid the Younger**

About once a year I am lucky enough to find myself in Ann Arbor, MI with at least a bit of spending money. This, if you’re me, means going to Zingerman’s, a veritable treasure trove of well-curated, delicious, interesting things. Better still, they’ll let you taste just about everything in the store. I’ve discovered more than one favorite obscure, artisan food*** there over the years. The usual goal is to get at least one new thing to experiment with.

This year we got two¬†vinegars, some coppa, some hot salame, a couple challah rolls for Kid the Younger, a holiday gift (so early!), some Urfa Pepper (the year’s new thing), ¬†and a roasted fig ball, selected by Kid the Elder to share with friends back home. We left happy.

No recipe today, but I promise I’ll write about what I do with the Urfa, once I do it.

*that’s my kid!

**ok, this one is my kid too, but sometimes it’s less clear than other times

***an incomplete list: Anson Mills, American Spoon, Bourbon Barrel, Nuetske’s, Koeze, …